Your money will not be lost! We recommend renting the device for a trial period in order to be completely sure the product is suitable for your rooms and meets your expectations.

We offer the possibility to rent the product for a trial period on the condition that in case you decide to purchase our device at the end of the trial period, we will deduct the trial period rent price off the purchase price of the device. Maximum length of the trial period is up to 4 days. The rent price of the device is 30€ per day, including VAT. The period for purchasing the device or devices is up to 30 days from the end of the trial period.

The cost of the diesel fuel used in the heater as well as transport costs will be added to the price and not be deducted from the purchase price of the device. The cost of transport is 15€ one-way, including VAT.

If necessary, you can also consult our specialists on the trial period possibilities by phone.

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