We recommend performing annual maintenance on the Weltem and Airrex heaters, or shortly after the seasonal maintenance of the heating period. Maintenance is easy. We recommend exchanging the fuel filter, cleaning the intake vent from dust, and checking the inside of the fuel tank to make sure there is no excess humidity or condensation. We also check whether wheels are properly fastened as well as all the general connections of the device. Such maintenance will only take an hour and is not costly. If necessary, we will send transport to pick it up and return the device within three days.

Seasonal maintenance includes:

  • cleaning and replacing the nozzle, if necessary, and replacing the fuel filter
  • fuel pump pressure test
  • replacing the exhaust pipes and other details from dust
  • replacing the seals, if necessary
  • replacing cracked or broken hoses
  • transport to service and back to the customer

The defective or worn spare parts and accessories, which need replacing and are necessary for performing maintenance to ensure the safe and effortless operation of the device during the next heating period, shall be specified on the maintenance invoice. We will inform the customer about the condition and cost of the spare parts to be replaced during maintenance before replacing the parts.

Hourly rate 35€
One-way transport 15€
Prices include VAT.


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