About heaters

Airrex and Weltem infrared heaters with a fuel burner are the best on the market

There is no need for a separate flue tube or ventilation pipeline when you use Airrex or Weltem heaters in indoor areas, such as halls, garages, PVC tents, storage halls for heavy equipment, or even churches. The heater does not emit any smell or smoke.

Either regular diesel or biodiesel can be used as fuel.

Diesel-powered heaters have extremely low maintenance costs. When working at maximum power, the heater uses a little over one litre of fuel per hour. If the heated area is, for example, a normally insulated 500 m2 room, and the outdoor temperature is +0 °C and the desired indoor temperature is +15, then the heater consumes 2-3 litres of fuel per day. Heaters with average power consume 3-4 litres of fuel per day, and the most powerful heaters consume 4-5 litres of fuel per day.

The infrared heater does not have a fan. The heat spreads around the room by way of radiating from the heater and then transfers on to materials. The materials and the items in the room heat up and reflect the thermal energy back to the room. Infrared heat spreads evenly in all directions and feels pleasant even when standing next to the heater. At the same time, heat also spreads more evenly in large rooms than it does when using a fan heater.

Airrex and Weltem heaters have 12 different safety systems which make the device especially safe. The heat radiating from the heater is not hot and the outer surfaces of the device do not burn.

The heater is easy to use, because it does not need permanent installation. It has durable wheels which make the heater easy to move to where ever you want. The operation mode is especially quiet – only 40 dB.

Airrex or Weltem is the most efficient and pleasant heating solution for many rooms. Perfect for industrial buildings, garages, workshops, shelters, stables, tents, terraces, public events, and construction sites.

Most of our products come with a 2-year factory warranty.

The efficiency factor of diesel-powered Airrex and Weltem infrared heaters is approximately 100% (99.9%).

Modern technological solution

The device has a burner with a pump which makes hot gas circulate in ceramic-coated pipes, thus radiating infrared heat. The three-fold combustion process ensures completely pure residual gases, and the heater does not need an additional flue tube, which means the entire combustion result is used for heating. The regular ventilation of rooms is sufficient.

Odourless combustion residue

Fuel generally emits soot and unpleasant odour as a result of combustion. The fuel sprayed in the Airrex or Weltem combustion chamber burns very quickly, which results in minimum soot and odour, if any at all.

Very effective noise reduction

The silencing system in the exhaust pipeline makes the heater very quiet (40 dB).

Exhaust system which saves energy and eliminates odours.

The cellular system of the precious metal catalyst of the combustion chamber also burns residual gases and ensures an efficient and even combustion process.

General specification

  • Improved touch-sensitive switch
  • Automatic thermostat check
  • Timer 0–24 h
  • Interval timer
  • Sensors and alarm for fuel level, inclination angle, overheating, and combustion process
  • Easy-to-use touch-sensitive switch panel with LED indicator panel and a remote

The heater has 12 safety systems:

  • Ignition safety protection
  • Flame protection
  • Roll-over sensor which switches the heater off
  • Overheating protection
  • Safety system which reacts to power cuts
  • Power supply protection
  • Burner protection
  • Feel level sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Engine start-up help
  • Child lock
  • Programmable switch-off time