We offer equipment for rent. Renting our infrared heaters enables to heat rooms which are used temporarily.  The heaters are suitable for various areas. For example, for heating party tents on cool summer evenings. The heaters are designed and suitable for weddings, birthday parties and company events, because the infrared heat creates a nice cosy atmosphere. They can also be used in summer cottages, summer homes and home terraces.

The heaters are suitable for use in the following places as well:  bigger garages, car and tractor services (efficiently heats and melts the snow off the serviced technology), storage halls for agricultural technology, construction sites (especially for drying concrete or varnished and painted surfaces), office rooms, restaurant terraces, summer kitchens, catering places, outdoor events, sales halls, pavilions, exhibition halls/tents, PVC halls, leisure centres, sports halls, industrial areas, churches, gardens, other rooms without heating, temporary facilities.

The rent price of the device is 99€ per day, including VAT. Special prices for longer periods.
The cost of the diesel fuel used in the heater as well as transport costs will be added to the price. Possible to use your own transport.
The cost of our transport is 25€ one-way, including VAT.

Write us. Fill in the following request form. Describe the rooms, surface area and height of rooms, thermal insulation, and the expected room temperature. Also state what these rooms are for – industry, car service, car wash, storage halls for agricultural technology, manufacture, party tent, outdoor restaurant, café, warehouse, etc. In addition to that, provide the address of the location where you wish to use the device and on which dates you need it.

If necessary, you can also consult our specialists on the renting possibilities by phone.


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